OMGee Good! Plant-Based Cabbage Rolls

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Traditionally, cabbage rolls are made with meat and rice, but this plant-based bunny stuffed her cabbage leaves with ground Soy Curls™, brown rice, onion, and carrot.  My family gobbled them up and left nothing behind. 

In this digital download, I've provided step-by-step directions for pressure cooking a whole head of cabbage perfectly in the Instant Pot.  Along with two recipes for preparing cabbage rolls like your grannie never made; pressure cooked in the Instant Pot and baked in the oven.  Both are plant-based, oil-free recipes with easy to follow instructions.

Recipes included:

  • Pressure Cooking Cabbage in the Instant Pot
  • Quick Cabbage Rolls in the Instant Pot
  • Old School Cabbage Rolls

Let me know how these recipes go over with your family.  

(((BIG HUG)))

Jill McKeever